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Nifty Tips for Looking Stylish in Salwar Suits

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Salwar suits are quintessentially appealing yet comfortable outfits that have always been universally popular options as far as Indian women are concerned. Suits for women come in numerous varieties, colours, and designs today, having evolved in accordance with changing requirements. While abundant variety is assured in recent times, how do you pull out the stops to look more stylish while wearing salwar suits? Here are a few tips that will help you achieve this goal without any hassles.

Tips to Help You Look Attractive in Salwar Suits

Buying suits online is always a promising idea, particularly if you are choosing stylish designer suits and options that are more tailored for the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, adding to your collection is not the be-all and end-all of the process! You should know how to jazz up your salwar suits properly to create captivating looks for every occasion. Here are some tips worth taking into consideration:

  • Choose darker hues - There may be a compelling case for choosing darker hues while buying salwar suits. You may go for the same to create a wonderful illusion and conceal any bulky body areas. Lighter colours may be bypassed while purchasing suits online for women who are curvaceous or on the heavier side. You may opt for shades like dark green, black, and other options.
  • The length of the sleeves matters immensely - When you purchase salwar suits, you should make sure that you opt for shorter sleeves or sleeveless varieties with care. This is necessary if your arms are heavier and shorter sleeves will only draw attention to the same. You may choose quarter or full sleeves instead, since it will help your arms look more toned. The loose fit of the suit is a desirable choice if you seek better style and comfort.
  • Choosing good prints is vital - When you venture to purchase designer suits and other varieties online, selecting good prints is crucial. Prints can contribute towards making you look more petite or shorter, while also creating an illusion of someone being taller than they are. Vertical prints may help elongate the body while ensuring a more shredded look.
  • The Kameez length is also crucial - The Kameez length should be selected based on your height. You should bypass a longer Kameez top if you are shorter in terms of height. A floor touching and long Kameez is recommended for women who are taller.
  • Select the best possible fabric - You will look heavier if you do not choose a good fabric. Select those options which are lighter in nature and stick to your body. Do not go for heavier and embellished options which will only add bulk to your frame. Chiffon or other materials can stick while helping you stylishly flaunt your curves.
  • Pairing your salwar in the right way - Do you have some extra bulk on your legs? Go for bottoms that loosely fit you in this case. Body-hugging salwar suits are a strict no-no in this case. Those with pear-shaped bodies should not choose bottoms that highlight the lower portion or leggings.

These are some helpful tips that will help you select the best salwar suits for your needs. However, there are several other aspects that you may also keep in mind.

Some Things Worth Noting

Suits for women are a necessity for everyone and their classic everyday versatility is something that makes them hugely popular across age groups. Suits are highly preferred by leading Indian designers and brands and this phenomenon has been observed over the years. Many unique designs come out annually to meet huge demand from customers. While the tips mentioned above will be helpful, there are a few additional factors that you may also note.

You can contrast the colours of your salwar suits, instead of adhering to the traditional system of matching different shades. You can fuse unique hues to create unique palettes that are immensely appealing, to say the least. You can choose lighter combinations of two or three colours for a vibrant look or even go the whole hog with some multi-coloured options. They will be peppier and quirkier to say the least. You can also go for suits that have novel silhouettes and cuts along with those that have unusual hemlines in place of round or straight options that are regular options. You may also go for softer fabrics such as satin, georgette, and chiffon, that ensure a cascading or flowing look overall. Selecting full-length or regular length suits is a good move, since you can wear them with salwar pants and even other kinds of bottoms.

Colour blocked designs and patterns are also good choices that are worth trying. Solid and contrasting hues combine to ensure a more dramatic and intense illusion for adding a unique touch to the outfit. You may choose full-length suits or slightly shorter options which have colour block panels. You may also jazz up your salwar suits with several accessories including junk jewellery for that enhanced amount of bling.


To sum up, it can be stated that making your salwar suits come alive and creating stylish looks is possible with a few nifty tips as mentioned above. Keep them in mind while buying suits online and ensure that you select the right options that are suited to your body type.