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Guide To Buying All Kinds Of Towels Your House May Need

Guide To Buying All Kinds Of Towels Your House May Need

The Ottoman Empire was where cotton towel originated in the 17th century. Woven with fine Turkish cotton, they were embroidered and were known as the peshtamel. It was only in the 19th century that towels became to be used by the general public. Before that, it was only meant for the royals and wealthy.

Today it is hard to imagine, not having some type of a towel to use, isn’t it? We buy towels as a necessity.

These pieces of absorbent fabric find use in multiple facets of our daily life. They come in different sizes, styles, serve different purposes, and are made of different fabrics.

Types of towel fabrics:

  1. Bamboo or Bamboo Cotton blend: Antibacterial, Soft, Super absorbent
  2. Egyptian cotton: Luxurious, Premium Quality, Durable, Soft, Most expensive
  3. Turkish cotton: Thick and luxurious
  4. Combed: Strong and durable
  5. Ringspun: Strong and smooth
  6. Supima Cotton: Strong and super absorbent. The cotton used for these towels is the same plant as Egyptian cotton. However, the plants are locally cultivated.
  7. Microfiber: Super absorbent, synthetic blends, durable
  8. Organic: Soft, eco-friendly, durable, good for people with a tendency of allergy
  9. Peshtamel or Fouta: Turkish towels with embroidery, absorbent and dries quickly, lightweight.
  10. Terry cloth: A super absorbent woven fabric with protruding threads

Some of the different types of towels we use are-

  1. Bath towel: Typically, a rectangular towel is used to dry the body after a shower or bath.
  2. Bath sheet: These are bath towels but bigger in size. They can wrap around an average sized person more than once. These towels are beneficial for people who are taller. 
  3. Face towel: Smaller and smoother towel, meant for the face
  4. Hand towel: Even smaller than a face towel. But its texture matches a bath towel. It is meant for the hands to be wiped.
  5. Gym towel: Almost similar or slightly bigger than a hand towel used to dry sweat after a workout. They are highly absorbent. Also known as a sweat towel.
  6. Disposable towels: Made of single-use, non-woven fabric these find use in hospitals, clinics, spas, and salons.
  7. Beach towel: Colourful towels bigger than a bath towel. Used as surfaces to lie on at a beach. Also can be used to dry off or as a cover from the sand.
  8. Golf towel: A small towel that has a small clip attached to it to be hung from the golf caddy. Used to dry hands or wipe clubs and the golf balls.
  9. Baby towel: Usually used to swaddle a baby. It has a hood sewn in at one of the four corners to go over the baby’s head.
  10. Tea towel or dish towel: Made of absorbent, lint-free fabric. Used to wipe or dry kitchen articles and counters.
  11. Hair towels: Microfiber towels which are softer to prevent abrasion to the fine hair strands and reduce breakage.

Buy towels after considering the following-

  • The purpose
  • The fabric
  • Durability
  • Colourfastness
  • How it is made
  • Possibility or allergies from certain fabrics

There are certainly many different types of towels and various fabric blends used to make them. Some serve a specific daily needs, as mentioned above. Some towels are simply used as decorative pieces in the bathroom. Towel art contributes to the show factor of the use of towels.

The basic guide above is meant to assist buyers in finding the right kind of towels online or offline, from stores. Multiple fabrics and types of towels are in the market today to ensure specific needs are met.

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