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5 Diamond Pendant Storage Hacks That are Truly Useful

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Even the finest diamond and purest gold or silver jewelry will lose their luster over time. If not stored safely, they might develop scratches, dents, or even worse damage. So, once you've bought that diamond heart pendant, make sure you know how to store it and keep it looking as good as new for years to come. This way, you can show off your heart jewelry and maybe even make it into an heirloom that is handed down the generations.

Many people believe that if they keep jewelry in the boxes or packaging material they were sent in, it’s enough. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it isn’t. If you love jewelry, you might have bought diamond heart shape pendant necklaces for women in various styles, metals, and gemstones. But to keep your investment secure, you should know the best ways to store them. So, take a look at the top tips for diamond jewelry storage.

1. Pick a Drawer

Have a jewelry box for all your precious pieces? This is the most common way jewelry is stored. Some jewelry can be kept on the tabletop but keeping everything together will only clutter up the space. So, maybe consider keeping aside a drawer or at least a part of a drawer on your dresser for all your diamond heart-shaped pendants and necklaces.  This will keep them organized and your dresser top clutter-free.

2. Velvety Feel

If you want to store them individually and feel you have the space, you can use a velvet box to store your diamond heart pendants and you will know exactly where to look when you need to find a particular piece of jewelry. These will keep your prized pieces in place in a velvety textured feel. And it gives a weird yet unique feeling keeping your jewelry on the plush velvet cushion while storing it to wear another time.

3. Soft Lining

Consider storing them in boxes or pouches that have a soft lining inside. You don’t want your diamond heart pendants getting scratched sitting in a box with other jewelry. Even if you use a single jewelry box, wrap each piece in soft cloth separately or pack in separate pouches to keep them safe and untangled.

4. Clean Jewelry, Clean Box

A hack that you should follow is never to mix clean jewelry and dirty boxes. If you plan to do an extensive cleaning of your diamond heart pendants and necklaces for women, make sure you also clean the box you will store them in too.

5. Hooks

In case you wish to display the wide variety of diamond heart-shaped pendants you own, you can most definitely use hooks and display them on either your wall or on your dresser. This not only makes your jewelry more accessible, but you can also choose what to wear without having to go through the entire box to find just the right piece. Another hack is to use cork boards with pushpins to give a hook-like illusion and make sure this stands tall, so your jewelry is at eye height. You can use these hooks to hang your pendants, bracelets, and even earrings.

If you are planning to gift someone jewelry, make sure to explore diamond heart shape pendant necklaces for women and check whether the store delivers the pieces in high-quality boxes or pouches that are great for both gifting and storage.