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Stressed Out And Sleeping Poorly? Read This For Help

Stressed Out And Sleeping Poorly? Read This For Help

Living in Dubai is wonderful – but also stressful. Rising living costs and uncertainty about jobs owing to the COVID-19 pandemic contribute to cause you a lot of stress. Add to that the fact that you have been sleeping badly and waking up feeling tired and irritable. It’s a vicious cycle that you can’t seem to get out of – but here’s some help. We’ve compiled a simple guide to get you through this stressful time and improve your sleeping patterns.

#1 Just relax!

It is irritating to hear ‘Just calm down!’ or ‘Relax’ when you are stressed out. You would really love to relax, but don’t know how to! However, it’s not as tough as it initially appears. When you are stressed, you feel tired out also because you hold your body rigidly. Your shoulders may be hunched, neck out, back frozen in your chair, etc. Your muscles begin to clench and atrophy, and this causes small localised aches and pains. Here’s what you can do: take three deep breaths slowly, taking care to inhale and exhale slowly. Keep your eyes closed, and let your body loose. Let every limb relax, continue breathing slowly for at least five minutes. Do this twice a day as long as you can to reduce stress.

#2 Get the right spring mattress.

Stress has many unfortunate side effects, the biggest of which is an adverse impact on the body’s major functions. Digestion may be affected, as well as cognition and even sleep. If you have noticed an uptick in the number of sleepless nights you’ve had recently, you might consider making it easier to fall asleep every night. The simplest way to do this is to get a good spring mattress from Dubai’s premier mattress stores. The spring mattress offers great cushioning to the key areas of the body and keeps you comfortable all night. As a result, you find yourself sinking into a deep sleep – which in turn, helps you wake up calmer and more in control of your stress.

#3 Go to the outdoors – alone.

There is a lot to be said in favour of going to green open spaces or being in touch with nature. It soothes frayed nerves and the fresh air helps you refocus and think better. But when you are stressed, it is better to take some alone time for yourself. Strap on a pair of walking shoes and head to the Miracle Garden or Butterfly Garden (maintaining social distancing norms, of course!) Or go to the Jumeirah Beach or Al Mamzar Beach Park to detach and relax. Breathing the fresh air, hearing the sounds of gulls and other birds, and staying away from stressful triggers will help you gain control over your mind.

#4 Exercise regularly.

A fit mind is stress’s biggest enemy. You can get a fit mind that remains tranquil and unfazed when you exercise regularly and keep active. There’s no need to enrol in a gym to lift weights if you don’t want to – just wear running shoes and go for a 30-minute jog on the beach, or go cycling, or just walk briskly around the block till you work up a sweat. Exercise releases endorphins – the ‘feel good’ hormone – into the bloodstream, which reduces elevated blood pressure levels. Even your spiked blood sugar levels will drop down, and your mood will improve. Regular exercise also helps you sleep much better, which is an added benefit!

#5 Stay away from sugar.

If you thought only excess salt and oil are your body’s enemies, think again. Processed white sugar is as bad for the system as excess salt, since the kidneys take long to process it and it may create blood sugar level imbalances in the pre-diabetic stage. However, the body has a strange reaction to stress – it craves sugar and comforting sugary foods, so you are more likely to binge on cookies, cakes, soft drinks, etc. when you are stressed out or worried. In turn, this creates havoc with your digestion and blood sugar function. Aim to eat balanced, healthy meals full of seasonal vegetables, lean protein, coloured leafy vegetables, and so on.

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